Bright Colorado Worked – Ed Funding Issue Gets On Ballot!

In June, I helped Boulder Valley Gifted & Talented to gather signatures to get Initiative 25 on the ballot so state voters can decide about important education funding issues in Colorado.  Good news – it worked!  There were 142,160 signatures collected by more than 800 people in more than 100 Colorado communities during a 10-week period this summer. It takes 86,000 signatures to get an issue on the state ballot and we exceeded that by 65%.

Initiative 25, now known as Proposition 103 on the November 1st ballot, is a simple proposal and a straightforward way to support schools.  It is a five-year timeout from education cuts.  As we get closer to election day, I’ll post more about Proposition 103.  In the meantime, visit Bright Colorado for info and updates.

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