If Elected Representatives Won’t, The Public Must Act

Recently I’ve been spending some time gathering support for Initiative 25, also known as “Bright Colorado” or “The Heath Proposal”, named for proposal sponsor State Senator Rollie Heath.  This is about citizens taking responsibility for education funding into our own hands. Our elected representatives don’t seem to be listening to the citizenry and are ignoring the pleas for ceasing the budget cuts to state education funding.

We’ve got to stop looking at “funding” merely as a ‘tax increase” and start viewing funding as an opportunity to support quality education in Colorado.  I believe it’s important to support Initiative 25 because this will be the 4th year that Colorado will have severe, drastic budget cuts to education.

My local group, Boulder Valley Gifted & Talented (BVGT), hosted a petition signing recently at 15th Street Coffee in Boulder (cute little place. I highly recommend stopping by this lesser-known Boulder coffee and baked goods shop.)  I’ve also taken the clipboard with me everywhere I go to get signature support from friends, family and neighbors.  I’ve been impressed that so many people I’ve spoken with are already aware of the initiative.

I’ve also found that people can be inclined to support a tax increase if the money raised is specifically targeted for school (kindergarten to higher education) use.

Not surprisingly, I’ve also heard that most Coloradans hate the state’s TABOR amendment. TABOR has caused a lot of strife and turmoil in the 19 years since it was enacted.

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