First Meeting With The New School District Superintendent

I met Bruce Messinger, Ph.D., the new superintendent of the Boulder Valley School District, at Louisville Middle School.  This was one of two community receptions providing an opportunity for BVSD students, staff, parents and community members to meet the new superintendent.

As the Talented & Gifted Advisor at Boulder’s Fairview High School, I wanted the incoming superintendent to be aware that 13% of Boulder Valley School District’s student population are identified as gifted.  That’s a significant portion of the BVSD student population (nationally it’s 8%).  We need to make sure that we’re meeting these students’ needs.  Messinger is from Helena, Montana, where they approach gifted education differently than we do here in Boulder Valley.  I offered for a group of us to get together with Messinger at a future date to go deeper into gifted ed in BSVD, how we do it, and why it’s important.

I hope Messinger will be able to attend an upcoming BVGT (Boulder Valley Gifted and Talented) speaker presentation.  It would be great to have an opportunity to introduce him to the BVGT community and show him how BVGT works closely with the parents and educators in Boulder Valley.

You can read Messinger’s BVSD “welcome message” to find out more about his background, views and educational vision. I look forward to working with Dr. Messinger both at Fairview High School and with BVGT.

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