Good News, Bad News For Boulder And Colorado ACT Scores

First, the good news. High school juniors in the Boulder Valley School District (BVSD) continued to be above the Colorado state average on the 2011 ACT and scored the highest in the Denver metro area.

Fairview High School, where I’m the Talented & Gifted Advisor, scored the highest in the entire BVSD with an average composite score of 25.8 on the 36-point test. That’s almost a two-point gain over 2010 and way above the national individual average of 21.1. Most high schools in BVSD were above the Colorado average.

2011 ACT average scores for Boulder Valley School District high schools

Now, the bad news. Colorado overall ranks 34th out of 51 (D.C. included) and traditionally lags the national averages slightly in ACT reports. Colorado is one of only eight states where 100% of the 11th grade students are required to take the test each spring. Nationally, 1.6 million high school students take the ACT, required by many colleges as part of the application process.

See all the state-by-state ACT scores here.

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