Connections Old and New at Colorado Academy For Gifted

Connections. I have made some wonderful connections throughout the years with the Colorado Academy of Educators of the Gifted, Talented and Creative (CAEGTC). Our annual luncheon meeting was this week. It’s a time when we can all get together to renew our connections.  We get to meet new people, recognize new members, reconnect with colleagues, share announcements from around the state, discuss issues, hear from board members, hear about scholarship winners, enjoy a keynote speaker, and have a silent auction all while enjoying a meal together.

CAEGTC membership is made up of all the top leaders in the gifted education field in Colorado, including:

  • President and past presidents of CAGT (Colorado Association for Gifted and Talented) and SAC (State Advisory Committee for GT Education)
  • present and past school administrators
  • present and past teachers
  • GT coordinators
  • the current and past state directors for gifted education
  • members of Boulder Valley Gifted and Talented (BVGT) and other affiliates from around the state
  • people who work for the coalition, and interface with the state legislature

My CAEGT friends from the Boulder area (L-R) Becky Whittenburg,
Jenn Barr, Holly Hultgren

We connect with each other at CAEGTC because we share a similar vision: we are all trying to do our part to be directly involved in gifted education and raise the awareness of the need for more support and more funding for gifted education in Colorado. We do this by working in our own groups and organizations throughout the year. Our efforts overlap and intersect to make us all stronger.  I have been making connections as a CAEGTC Member since 2005.

One of the things I learned at this year’s CAEGTC annual meeting is the new mantra for gifted education in Colorado. It’s “Mind The Gap, With Heart.” The “gap” refers to the gap in funding and recognition for what gifted students need and what they’re getting. The “heart” is focusing on the social/emotional aspects of the gifted. This theme links gifted education with state initiatives. We’ll be hearing more about this theme throughout 2013.

Finally, new members are inducted at the annual meeting and I want to salute two ladies from the Boulder area who joined CAEGTC membership this year. Julie Marquez (L) and Jenn Barr (R) have shown substantial service to gifted education. Jenn is a BVGT Board Member and Boulder Valley School District Coordinator for Advanced Academic Services. Julie is a BVGT member and Boulder Valley School District TAG Teacher Leader. Both were nominated by and introduced at the CAEGTC luncheon by BVGT Board Member Becky Whittenburg. I was proud to be there as Jenn and Julie were being recognized for all they do for gifted in my community.

Find out more about what CAEGTC does and how to become a member if you’re in the gifted education community. I look forward to next year’s CAEGTC meeting, luncheon, and connections.


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