Live Purposely Raising Gifted Children

You know, some people just say it as it should be said. Dan Peters is someone I constantly learn from. I admire his wisdom, his attitude, his approachability, and his commitment to helping us all learn. He is a person who is highly regarded and highly sought out. His perspective and his writing just makes me “feel good.”

His recent article Live Purposely in the New Year is exactly the advice we all need to hear at the beginning, middle or end of a year.  Dan gives advice that’s not sugar coated; advice that’s easy to imagine following; and he does it all with a friendly “me too” attitude. It’s a successful formula that Dan uses whether he’s giving a keynote, talking with a small group of people, sitting one on one with a client, or having a casual conversation with friends and colleagues.

When you read Live Purposely in the New Year, think about your own life. I did. I reflected on what’s going well and what I’d like to change. Bring the best of what you have to offer to your life and to the people who share life with you.

• Accept reality
• Make conscious choices
• Live intentionally and purposely

So if we apply Dan Peter’s logic to raising gifted children, we need to 1) Be realistic about the children that are in front of us. While we as parents or educators may want less complicated children, these are the children we have. 2) Let’s face it, gifted kids have unique needs that take time and energy to foster. We need to make conscious decisions and choices based on what our children bring to the table in regards to their interests and their essence. 3) Embrace gifted children for who they are, not who you want them to be. As you do, you will be loving them with intent and purpose.

If we live intentionally, we will have the satisfaction of knowing that we are making realistic decisions, in the moment. Often, that’s the very best that we have to offer to others. Imagine if we all were present as we approached our daily lives and our parenting. It’s a challenge I’m up for.  Are you?

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