Education Reform Getting Boost From Unlikely Supporter

Who would think that a proponent of education improvement and reform would be George Lucas, the famous Hollywood director and Star Wars creator!  “As a father I’ve felt the imperative to transform schooling even more urgently.”

When asked by Forbes magazine to single out “any person or any school doing a good job of improving or reforming K-12 education now,” Lucas mentioned the social & emotional aspects of learning. Lucas said, “In Alaska, the Anchorage School District’s investment in social & emotional learning is paying off both socially and academically. These children’s social-emotional competencies are directly related to how well they do in subjects such as math and reading.”


Bravo!  It’s great to see social & emotional, my area of expertise, be cited as an important part of learning for so many students.

You can read the short article here and find out the other two schools that Lucas thinks are doing a good job with education improvement/reform.

That’s not all! I just found out about George Lucas’ involvement with Edtopia, part of the George Lucas Education Foundation. One of the Edtopia “Schools That Work” is also about social & emotional learning. It’s the schools in Louisville, Kentucky.  Read about it.

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