Training More Facilitators For Gifted Discussion Groups

Not all my work is in Boulder.  I’ll be at the Aurora (Colorado) Public Schools on April 22nd doing an all-day workshop to train about 100 educators and mental health professionals from all over the Denver metro area about how to create and facilitate discussion groups with gifted students.

I love doing these trainings because it leads to more discussion groups at more schools. It’s like sowing seeds and watching a field of discussion groups sprout up everywhere! These discussion groups are important because students need a place where they can be themselves with like-minded peers.

The formal title of my workshop is “Creating and Facilitating Discussion Groups for Gifted Students in Middle and High School.”

Debbie Rothenberg, a Gifted Eduction Regional Coordinator for the Colorado Department of Education, wrote this description of my training workshop:

“Healthy social and emotional development doesn’t always “just happen.” For many it is encouraged through a supportive, caring environment specifically designed to foster such growth. This training addresses the specific needs of gifted and talented students, whose social emotional development may be qualitatively different from others their age. It will help teachers, social workers, counselors and school psychologists move forward in meeting the affective developmental needs of gifted youths in schools.”

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