What I Do As A Gifted Advisor In High School

I wanted to tell about my position as the Talented & Gifted Advisor at Fairview High School in Boulder, Colorado. Students at Fairview are fortunate to have a wide variety  of challenging and enriching classes and activities from which to choose.  They can self-select classes at levels that reflect their abilities and interests. As a result, TAG (Talented and Gifted) students typically find a  good match for their abilities in the AP, IB, Honors, and College Track classes that are offered.

Some TAG students are not gifted in academic areas but, rather, in fine arts, sports, and/or leadership. Some students are gifted in a combination of these areas. There are a wide variety of these opportunities also available at Fairview.

Additionally, some TAG students are gifted along with having a disability.  These “Twice Exceptional” students may be working with the Special Ed staff in some areas, while taking high level  classes in other areas.

My role at Fairview is to be available to the administration,  counseling staff, teachers, parents, and students to advise and  support TAG and high ability students. My expertise is in dealing with social and emotional issues that may arise as a result of school issues, family issues, friendship issues, or physical issues. These issues may affect a student’s ability to thrive and achieve as well as they feel they should.

I facilitate student discussion groups at the  school, and I also facilitate parent support groups through the district. Community presentations from gifted experts are scheduled in our building so Fairview High School parents can more easily access the  information.  I meet with students during the school day on an “as needed” basis, and keep up with TAG students who are underachieving in school.  I meet regularly with IB students in their Theory of Knowledge class junior and senior years. I am always available and interested in meeting with parents and students if I can provide support.

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