Gifted And Perfectionism, The Two Often Go Together

Have you heard the phrase “strive for excellence, not perfection”?  My friend Dr. Linda Silverman will give a presentation about being gifted and being a perfectionist.  Many parents wonder what to do, if anything, about their child’s perfectionism.  Many kids and adults wonder if perfectionism is a blessing or a curse.

Dr. Silverman, the director of the Gifted Development Center in Denver, says “Perfectionism has the potential for propelling one toward unparalleled greatness or plummeting one into despair. The secret to harnessing its energy is learning how to set priorities.”

Linda Silverman’s talk is Thursday, April 14th at Boulder’s Fairview High School.  It’s another presentation sponsored by Boulder Valley Gifted & Talented. Hints for channeling perfectionism will be provided.  It’s for both adults and children and it’s free!

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