Moments In Our Life When Everything Changes

Here is an activity for teachers to do with graduating high school students, or for parents of students who are graduating high school. Talk about “There are Moments In Our Life When Everything Changes” (below). This might help put this life transition into context of other life transitions they’ve experienced.

If you are working with a classroom of seniors, you can also have the students do this Strength-Based Affirmation activity afterward: hand each student a piece of construction paper and have them write their name in the middle. The students are to keep passing their papers to the right, and write a thoughtful positive comment on each of their classmates papers. Keep passing until each student and teacher has written on everyone’s paper. Have each person leave with a pageful of affirmations to keep as a cherished memory. This is not unlike writing in a school yearbook except with direction, meaning and positive intent.

There Are Moments In Our Life When Everything Changes

Remember when you were in elementary school or middle school and you had your first sleep over away from your parents? Life was different after that. The world became a little bit bigger.

Remember when you first rode a two wheeler bike? Life was different after that. At some point you realized that you could go farther from your home on your own than you had ever ridden before. The world became little bit bigger.

Remember when you first had a crush on a special someone? Life was different after that. Those feelings were real and you were spending time thinking of someone other than yourself. The world opened up new possibilities and became a little bit bigger.

Remember when it was the day before your first day of high school? Figuring out what you were going to wear? Thinking about finding your way around? Life was different after that. You got there and a whole new world of teachers, students, activities, ideas and opportunities opened up. You had more choices to make – and your world became a little bit bigger.

Remember when you got your driver’s license? Life was different after that. Instead of riding your bike or waiting for a bus, all of a sudden you had the option to drive off in any direction and even end up in a different city if you felt like it. The boundaries became limitless and the world became so much bigger.

There are moments in our lives when everything changes. Now, you are at the end of your senior year and getting ready to graduate. In the years after you graduate your life will, again, go through changes and become different. It will be different because YOU will be different.

How will you change? You will be doing things you’ve never done before. You will be seeing things you’ve never seen before. You will be experiencing things you’ve never experienced before. You will be meeting people you’ve never met before. You will be imagining things you’ve never imagined before. And you will be tempted by things you’ve never been tempted by before. These changes present exciting opportunities and new challenges.

You will still have supporters in your life: your parents, family, friends, teachers. And you’ll make new supporters as you meet new people. And you will still have yourself. Believe that you are enough. Be prepared to gracefully adapt to life’s twists and turns. Life will be different when you are faced with unforeseen obstacles or detours, but you can never be truly lost or permanently stuck when you lean on your own internal wisdom, and the people who have provided firm foundations for your life.

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