Lessons about gifted kids from Roald Dahl’s Matilda

I just read an article titled 12 Lessons About Gifted Kids from Matilda. You know Matilda, the extraordinary child created by Roald Dahl. She has been the star of a book, a film (I loved it!), and a musical. This article is an beautiful reminder that gifted kids do things “early” and “more”.

Matilda is caught up in the world of books. For some kids, books are a life saver, especially when like-minded friends are hard to find. For a child like Matilda, who is very different from both her family and other kids her age, books may be enough to provide a bridge until they can find an actual friend. Adults often provide a safe connection for gifted children who are desiring to connect with someone who is safe and approachable.

Parents would be wise to provide continual access to a variety of books and movies that have relatable characters. Reading and watching along with your children will offer many opportunities to pause and ask “Do you ever feel that way?”

Matilda is a great movie for parents to watch with their gifted children. Just as books can provide bibliotherapy, movies like Matilda can provide cinema therapy.


1. Signs of giftedness can often be seen early in a child’s life.
2. Giftedness is innate, not taught.
3. Gifted children love to learn and often have a variety of interests. Because of this, many gifted children love to read.
4. Gifted kids often outgrow “children’s” content early.

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