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Looking for more information on gifted children, education and parent support? Visit these links:

Boulder Valley Gifted and Talented (BVGT)

Boulder Valley School District GT website

Colorado Association For Gifted And Talented (CAGT)

National Association For Gifted Children (NAGC)

Supporting The Emotional Needs Of The Gifted (SENG)

Free Spirit Publishing

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Books on How To Parent Adolescents and Teens

Yes, Your Teen Is Crazy! Bradley, Michael J. (2003). Harbor Press.
The Price of Privilege. Levine, M. (2006). Harper Collins.
How To Talk Wth Teens About Love, Relationships, & S-E-X. Miron, A., Miron, C. (2002). Free Spirit Publishing.
Staying Connected to your Teenager. Riera, M. (2003). De Capo Press.
Why Do They Act That Way? Walsh, D. (2004). Free Press.
A Parent’s Guide to Gifted Children. Webb, J. et al. (2007). Great Potential Press.

Books About the Social and Emotional Lives Of The Gifted

Coping For Capable Kids. Cohen, L. & Frydenberg, E. (1996). Prufrock Press.
Living With Intensity. Daniels, S., & Piechowski, M. (2008), Great Potential Press.
When Gifted Kids Don’t Have All The Answers. Delisle, J., Galbraith, J. (2002). Free Spirit.
Why Smart Kids Worry: And What Parents Can Do to Help. Edwards, A. (2013). Sourcebooks.
The Gifted Kids Survival Guide For Ages 10 & Under. Galbraith, J. (1984). Free Spirit.
The Gifted Kids Survival Guide: A Teen Handbook. Galbraith, J., Delisle, J. (1996). Free Spirit.
Smart But Scattered Teens: The “Executive Skills” Program for Helping Teens Reach Their Potential. Guare, R., Dawson, P., Guare, C. (2012). The Guilford Press.
Fighting Invisible Tigers: A Stress Management Guide For Teens. Hipp, E. (1995). Free Spirit.
Make Your Worrier A Warrior: A Guide to Conquering Your Child’s Fears. Peters, D., (2013). Great Potential Press.
The Essential Guide To Talking With Gifted Teens: Ready- to-use Discussions About Identity, Stress, Relationships, and More. Peterson, J.S. (2008). Free Spirit.
The Smart Teens’ Guide to Living with Intensity: How To Get More Out of Life and Learning. Rivero, L. (2010) Great Potential Press.
Losing Our Minds. Ruff, D. (2005). Great Potential Press.
Learned Optimism. Seligman, M. (1998). Free Press.
The Optimistic Child. Seligman, M. (1995). Harper Perennial.
Giftedness 101. Silverman, L. (2012). Springer.
Helping Gifted Children Soar. Strip, C. (2000). Gifted Psychology Press, Inc.
Twice Exceptional Gifted Children: Understanding, Teaching, and Counseling Gifted Students. Trail, B. (2010). Prufrock Press.
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Searching For Meaning: Idealism, Bright Minds, Disillusionment, and Hope. Webb, J.(2013) Great Potential Press.