Go Boulder: Art, Education, Science, Flavor

My Action Lab was accepted! At the National Association For Gifted Children (NAGC) National Convention every year, on the day before the sessions begin, they have field trips to nearby interesting places. Action Labs are designed by local educators (like me) to provide an experiential learning opportunity that will broaden people’s perspectives and give ideas that they can use back home.

When I found out that this year’s NAGC National Convention was going to be in Denver at the Colorado Convention Center (Nov. 15-18), I wanted to create an Action Lab for Boulder, Colorado. I wanted some of the attendees (up to 50 people; about 2,000 will attend the convention) who are coming to Colorado from elsewhere in the U.S. to be able to visit Boulder before the convention officially starts in downtown Denver. Action Labs will be on Wednesday, Nov. 14 this year.

Many proposals for Action Labs are submitted; not all are accepted. Here’s the one I submitted:

Go Boulder: Art, Education, Science, Flavor
Combine a gorgeous natural setting with a sense of cultural freedom and a highly educated population and you’ve got Boulder. Boulder values a diversity of perspectives, and frequently earns top rankings in health, well-being, quality of life, education, and art.

Your journey begins at the Leanin’ Tree Museum of Western Art where you’ll view over 300 original western paintings and bronze sculptures.

Next, make a stop at Celestial Seasonings manufacturing plant for a tour of the tea-making process. There are plenty of free samples and delicious aromas to accompany your visit.

Enjoy a drive through the downtown Boulder and the University of Colorado’s beautiful main campus, home to Nobel Prize winners, astronauts, and an abundance of award-winning educational programs.

The final stop is the National Center of Atmospheric Research (NCAR). Some of the world’s most important discoveries about climate, meteorology, and the environment have originated here. You will enjoy a tour, presentations, and interactive visualizations exploring atmospheric and Earth-system science.

I wrote and submitted my proposal (more detailed than what you see above) to the NAGC Action Lab committee over the winter. This week I found out that the Go Boulder Action Lab was accepted. I’m so excited! If you’re attending the NAGC National Convention, sign up for this Action Lab! You’ll love Boulder.

See the 2012 Convention Program for this year’s NAGC National Convention coming to Colorado.


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