Demise Of Proposition 103. Now, We’ll All Pay For It.

I read a worthwhile “obituary” for Proposition 103, which died on the November ballot in the Colorado general election.  Proposal 103 would have solved so many problems our state is facing in education.  It pains me that voters shortsightedly voted down a small tax increase, without really processing the value that their few extra dollars would have provided Colorado’s students.  Please read For the Love of Education.
One of my biggest concerns is that Gifted and Talented education is often one of the first areas to be cut or down-sized when administrators are forced to cut their budgets.  As it is, many GT advisors have painfully limited budgets that translate into painfully limited hours with gifted youth in their buildings.  I’m talking often only six to ten hours a week for a significant GT population that deserves more.  I’m a GT coordinator a high school with 600+ GT students and the current district budget will only allow 20 hours a week for me.
Our brightest students deserve to be acknowledged for what they have to offer our society, not held back by a general population that doesn’t understand that what these students have to offer is worth funding.

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