Tools & Strategies To Motivate & Engage Gifted Children

I recently watched an online presentation, a webinar through SENG, by Dr. Richard Cash titled Self-Regulation: Critical Skills For Adolescent Learners.

Self-regulation of learning is finding the tools and strategies that we need to become successful. In many cases, a perceived lack of motivation and/or engagement may be due to a student’s deficit in being able to learn independently.

Parents and teachers need to assist students in developing the skills of self-regulation.

I picked up many interesting things from this webinar, including these:

1. What are the self-regulation tools? Self belief, diligence, self discipline. Many kids are not doing these so they can’t self-regulate and hence, aren’t successful. These tools need to be learned; they aren’t inherent. Kids have to see self-regulation in process, especially as modeling by parents.  However, even with good role models, kids may not imitate the self-regulation behaviors.

2. There are two mindsets about intelligence (defined by Carol Dweck). One is fixed mindset.  Individuals with a fixed mindset believe intelligence and talents are fixed traits and a person is successful because they are smart. A child with a fixed mindset will have difficulty in admitting and correcting mistakes, always blaming someone else; mistakes threaten their sense of self.

The second is growth mindset.  People with a growth mindset believe you begin with what you have and build from there. Therefore, the more effort you make, the better you will become.  Success is about being your best self, not about being better than others.

3. A teacher tip: if a child is not thriving at school, find out where they are thriving outside of school. What are they doing in that area that makes them feel successful? Can that information be transferred to what the student is doing in the classroom?

Unfortunately, the self-regulation seminar is not yet available online but you can see the handouts from Dr. Cash’s presentation.

See other upcoming SENG webinars, like this one, at and search “webinars.”


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