Boulder Parents Join SENG Model Parent Groups

I’m starting another SENG parent group – Supporting The Emotional Needs of Gifted.  These classes, known as SENG Model Parent Groups (SMPG), help parents gain a better understanding of their gifted children and provides tools for parents to work with their kids more effectively. It gives parents the opportunity to look at their child’s behavior from new perspectives and helps them gain insight into their child’s motivations. It also provides a forum for sharing experiences with other parents of gifted children. The result is more confidence and responsiveness for parents, validation and support for children, and a happier and a better connected family!

This session will be once-a-week for five weeks and this time it’s just for BVGT Parent Reps.  These are parents with kids in schools (K-12) in the Boulder area (17 public and 8 private schools). The parents serve as a liaison for BVGT in their school.

I’ve been doing SENG training since 2003 and have trained hundreds of people in effective ways of supporting the emotional needs of gifted children.

If this topic interests you, get the book we’re using:  A Parent’s Guide to Gifted Children by Webb, Gore, Amend, DeVries.  It’s a guided discussion, where we discuss chapters of the book together.

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