First Impressions From The SENG Summit In Seattle

Day one of SENG in Seattle.  I attended four sessions and did my presentation at one session.  Here are a few things I got out of the SENG Summit first day:

There are a lot of first timers to a SENG conference here this week.  About two-thirds to three-quarters of attendees seem to be at their first SENG conference, which is held annually in different cities (next year’s SENG Summit will be in Milwaukee).  It’s reassuring to know that there is continued interest in understanding the plight of the gifted child.

I learned more about executive functioning disorders and neurodevelopment and how that affects giftedness.  Frontal lobes of children’s brains are still under construction, and many children struggle with the regulation of their limbic systems.  It’s important to understand this so we know what to expect from gifted children.  We need to give them support in areas that they are not yet capable of managing on their own, such as attention, planning, organization, problem solving, decision making, self correction.

Excellent quote heard: “Children do well if they can…if they can’t, we adults need to figure out why so we can help.”  It’s from Beth Hauskamp in her session “Neurodevelopment Approach to Parenting, Teaching and Counseling Gifted Children.”


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