Poker Player Has Advice On How To Be Successful – SENG Summit Day Three

The final day of the SENG Summit featured the daily keynote presentation titled “No Limits” from Phil Gordon.  He’s known as a poker guy but he’s a role model for how one can be the best one can be, and be successful as a result.  Phil is funny as can be.

A little background.  A National Merit Scholar who entered Georgia Tech at 15, Phil Gordon began his professional life as a computer scientist. After his first business was acquired by Cisco Systems in 1997, Phil took off on a five year, 50+ country solo backpacking journey around the world that included a 40,000 mile, year long trip in an RV dubbed the “Ultimate Sports Adventure.”

An avid card player all his life, Phil was the lead commentator for Bravo’s hit show, “Celebrity Poker Showdown,” is the Poker Analyst, and has written three poker books with more than 500,000 copies in print in 12 languages. Phil’s poker tournament winnings are in excess of $2.8 million, including two World Poker Tour championships.

Phil used his TV platform for good. With Rafe Furst, the duo formed the “Bad Beat on Cancer” benefitting the Prevent Cancer Foundation. To date, their efforts and the generosity of thousands of poker players worldwide have raised more than $3.3 million dollars for the cause.

His talk, “No Limits”, was about Phil’s seven qualities of being successful.  What’s good in poker can be good in life, too.

Be aggressive. He entered college at 15 years old.
Patience. Great things take time.
Courage. Never failing is never pushing.
Resilience. Be willing to fail, fail quickly, learn from it, and bounce back.
Be observant. Watch people who are better than you and learn. Be observant of your surroundings.
Be well rounded. Spend some time on something you’re bad (or not so good at) to make yourself more well rounded.
Desire to improve. Have an internal drive to get or make things better.  Always be working on what you are good at.

It was an inspiring three days in Seattle at the SENG Summit.  It makes me want to do some research into uncharted areas of giftedness.

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