Top Names In Giftedness Gather At SENG Summit

Photos from the recent SENG Summit in Seattle.  Here I am with Jim Webb, the “father of SENG” – he started it all.  Jim was a keynote speaker at this year’s event and is a regular presenter each year.  He has authored numerous books and runs his own publishing company, Great Potential Press, an excellent source for books about giftednesss.

While looking through the exhibitors area during the SENG Summit, I got a chance for a photo with SENG directors “then and now” – Lori Comallie-Caplan and Arlene DeVries.

Lori is President Elect of SENG and a gifted ed faculty at New Mexico State University in Las Cruces.  Arlene, one of the “mothers of SENG”, is a past SENG board of directors member, regular conference presenter, and has been facilitating SENG model parent groups for over 25 years.

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