Raising Awareness About Gifted In SW Colorado

I visited beautiful Durango, Colorado to conduct two days of gifted training sessions.  It was organized by Betsey Krill, Coordinator of Gifted Ed SJBOCES and SW Gifted Education Regional Consultant.  I got to meet with and train people from Durango, Cortez and seven school districts in southwest Colorado.

For parents of gifted children I did an evening session on the social/emotional aspects of giftedness.  It was an eye-opener for many parents as they gained a new and greater understanding of why their children behave and think the way they do.

Next came an all-day workshop on creating and facilitating discussion groups for gifted kids.  There were counselors, GT coordinators, classroom teachers, administrators, student teachers and parents attending representing elementary, middle and high schools.  These discussion group workshops are one of my favorite things to do because I believe so strongly that gifted students benefit so much from being in discussion groups with their peers.  I especially like that this training gives the participants reasons and resources so they know exactly what to do.   They can feel confident about starting their own groups right away.

Here are some comments the participants gave on the feedback forms:

  • “It will certainly help me understand my gifted teenage better and look for ways that he can be involved with other gifted kids.”
  • “Some of my behavior/under achievement problems may be because I have not addressed the social/emotional needs of my GT students.”
  • “Huge impact for me from seeing characteristics versus diagnosis to be fixed.  Helping kids by helping them and their parents understand giftedness, share it, normalize it and gain realistic coping skills.”
  • “Definitely starting a middle school group on my lunch period.  Having the opportunity to facilitate this kind of interaction among kids sounds exciting and important.”

I look forward to doing more of these workshops and training sessions for parents, teachers and administrators in large and small school districts in Colorado and out-of-state.

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