Noted Author, District Superintendent Combine For BVGT Event

It was a busy week for me. After attending the CAGT conference in Denver, my group, Boulder Valley Gifted & Talented (BVGT), hosted a presentation by Stephanie Tolan, who was a keynote at this week’s CAGT conference.  She is an award winning author of more than two dozen novels for children and young adults, including the popular Is It a Cheetah?, an essay about gifted children that has been translated into more than 40 languages.

But it’s the book Guiding the Gifted Child that she co-authored that was a very influential book in my life. Guiding the Gifted Child helped me to understand my son, Nick (who was three years old at the time) and to realize that I wasn’t alone in dealing with raising a gifted child.  It set me on the right path to help Nick succeed – he’s now in graduate school; helped me raise my second gifted child, Lindsey; and spurred me to get into a career of gifted education specializing in the and social & emotional aspects of giftedness.  Here’s Stephanie and me in the school auditorium prior to the evening’s event.

Stephanie Tolan’s presentation for BVGT members and the public was titled Gifted Creatives.  “Some people think of gifted children as academic superstars, speeding their way through the school curricula and excelling at any tasks that require unusual verbal-abstract reasoning – the domain of the left brain. But many of our most gifted kids exhibit unusual right brain capacities as well. These ‘gifted creatives’ are driven to turn their reasoning capacities to the creation of new ideas, new theories, new ways of doing things – and making (or at least starting) all manner of creative projects. This can make meeting their needs a daunting task both at school, because schools are to creativity what zoos are to wildness, and at home, because creatives are constantly pushing the boundaries we create for them.”  The audience was eager to hear about Gifted Creatives and filled the entire Q&A time at the end.  She signed copies of her books before and after her talk.

The evening started with the Boulder Valley School District Superintendent, Dr. Bruce Messinger, arriving early to meet and talk with our BVGT board and greet arriving attendees. That’s us in the school hallway talking about Proposition 103.

Dr. Messinger also gave a short talk before Stephanie’s presentation.  He mentioned how the district will be setting academic goals for students and will be looking for public input.  It was a nice treat to have our new personable BVSD superintendent on hand to speak and to listen to Stephanie’s presentation on giftedness. Dr. Messinger stayed for her entire presentation.  Even SHE was impressed that he stayed to listen because most superintendents don’t make the effort!

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