Supporting Parents Of Gifted Children

I enjoyed leading another all day SENG Facilitator Training Workshop at the Aurora, Colorado Public School administrative building. It wasn’t just for Aurora — there were seven districts from around the Denver metro area represented with GT coordinators, administrators, counselors, social workers, intervention specialists, and classroom teachers.

Here are three topics they really hit home with this group of SENG trainees:

Overexcitabilties — how gifted kids feel things more intensely and in more abundance.

Parent Awareness — how to help parents understand why their gifted kids behave the way they do. This helps the parents normalize giftedness for their children.

Do It Themselves — learn how to be effective moderators in their own group discussion process. I have them practice moderating their groups so they get a feel for the flow and focus.

Here are two impressions that stuck with me after this SENG training session:

Overcoming Barriers — even though they want to do it, there are a lot of barriers to conducting their own parent group. One is trying to get support from their administration (that groups are needed); and two is financial, getting paid for extra work.

Share What We Know — it’s all about passing along more knowledge. The more aware and informed parents are about giftedness, the better parents they’ll be, and the easier it’ll be for the teachers and educators to work with both the gifted students and their parents.

There’s been steady interest from school districts in having me in to do SENG Facilitator Training Workshops. I’m so happy to be able to conduct them in Colorado and elsewhere.


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